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Three essential oils, six fragrances and twelve different packages

Our collection fills your soul with poetry, and your house, office, store with joy and lather!

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The ocean breeze scented soap gives you a feeling of floating amid an open sea without a boat or sails, with the morning dew as a compass!

The triplet for men includes this soap combination: Cedarwood - Ocean - Lime (essential oil).

Honey, nature’s “diamond”, is produced with great effort and self-sacrifice. A bee colony needs to make about two million visits to flowers in order to prepare one pound of honey! The precious honey soap emits a sweet and slightly bitter aroma, meeting all expectations

The triplet for women includes this soap combination: Caramel - Neutral (without aroma) - Magnolia.

Lime (100% natural essential oil) releases a crisp, refreshing citrus scent. As an antiseptic agent, lime thoroughly cleans and balances oily skin.

Magnolia signifies the gentle transition from winter to spring, given its flowering period. The sweet, floral fragrance of magnolia evaporates slowly, providing relaxation and a sense of optimism for the future.