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Three essential oils, six fragrances and twelve different packages

Our collection fills your soul with poetry, and your house, office, store with joy and lather!

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Vanilla, with its seductive, “sugary” scent, awakens sweet childhood memories, positively affecting one’s psychology by removing stress.

Basil (100% natural essential oil) is considered to be king of herbs, as it is indicated by its name, i.e. vasilikos – which derives from the Greek word “king”. It has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which it is reported to repel mosquito bites. It releases a fresh, warm and slightly spicy fragrance which soothes...

Tempting caramel! Caramelized sugar with a buttery scent, this soap is the epitome of aromatic gourmand sweetness for all ages. It is especially recommended for those who avoid sweets, allowing them to enjoy the exceptional aromatic notes of butter and caramel, without worrying about calorie intake!

The intense, woody fragrance of cedar penetrates through your skin, sans discretion or shyness. It is most suitable for nature lovers, as it may lead them directly into a forest of eons-old cedar trees during the early autumn!

Black pepper (100% natural essential oil) is considered to be the sun of spices, with scientifically proven antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Equally important is its analgesic action in helping to alleviate muscle pain. Black pepper emits a spicy and woody scent that causes … sneezing!

Olive oil, the “liquid gold” according to Homer, is the source of miraculous and unique nutritional and healing ingredients. Its superior quality, the fundamental characteristic of this luxury soap, improves skin hydration and has a significant antioxidant, anti-aging and antineoplastic effect, while it also helps to inhibit sun-induced skin cancer...