luxury soap with conscience


from extra virgin olive oil


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filokalein = friend of good

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“love for beauty and virtue”



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production method

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traditional soap-making method

renovated with modern science



Customers reviews


vegetable ingredients

natural essential oils

About us

our philosophy

“and what else is art, but details?”
Con. Kavafis

Natural Maturing

natural maturing of several months
excellent quality

The traditional cold saponification method, which was consciously chosen due to its exceptionally beneficial properties, requires low temperatures and natural maturing of several months, thus highlighting wisdom of nature.

High production

high production capacity

Filokalein is one of the few industrial plants worldwide producing soap that combine the handmade traditional method with modern technical production means and automated equipment, achieving in this way high production capacity.

Mental and Skin

mental and skin care product

Filokalein soaps are accompanied with a selection of nearly 200 different quotations, thus taking care, apart from skin, both soul and mind, element which is the personal seal of the company in the cosmetic industry.

Who we are?

What we do What we do
  • dream of the elusive
  • get inspired from nature and tradition
  • design the possible with patience and perseverance
  • produce with excellent ingredients and much enthusiasm
  • distribute to those who appreciate the handmade and the innovative
  • listen and correct our mistakes and omissions
  • and the dream starts all over again
our priorities. our priorities
  • use of only certified ingredients of high quality
  • application of the production method that guarantees the best possible outcome for the final product
  • preservation of the excellent quality of the final product
  • design of luxury packaging that inspires

A family of Polytechnic engineers joined their forces in 2012 for one purpose: to transform our daily habits in an extremely pleasant experience. A unique product inspired from nature, tradition and aesthetics is born!

Filokalein loves good as a friend of beauty!