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Orange leopard – touching nature
limited edition

On flourishing grasses merging with the sky, the morning sunrise oozes an aura of heavenly drowsinessas nature awakes. The puma is sleeping while seeking balance and harmony on a tree branch, allowing rays of the golden sun to fondlehis back. A moment of pure serenity and exuberant happiness is serving as a reminder that true beauty lies within nature.

This elegant gift box created with leopard alcantara fabric, demands a whole day’s work of a craftsman. Strictly handmade, this luxurious gift set is transformed into a structural bag with a simple yet creative technique. As a voluptuous oriental gourmand, includes four soaps from extra virgin olive oil, scented with delicious notes of caramel, honey vanilla. Our signature artistic flower in goldish color is placed right in the middle of the box, as a rising sun.


Products included in Box 4 soaps from extra virgin olive oil: 2 caramels + vanilla + honey
package material alcantara fabric
present handmade goldish artistic flower
admixtures fragrances
weight 4 x 125 gr / 4.4 oz.
dimensions 23L x 22W x 9H cm