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Product of cold saponification method, from Greek certified extra virgin olive oil

Luxury packaging, bearing smalll cards with philosophical texts (large collection), gives the possibility of choice depending on the mood and the occasion

Sturdy box with protective gelatin, ideal for travelling

Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile substances, which are extracted from various parts of the plant via processes such as distillationexpression, extraction, resin tapping, and cold pressing. They are considered to containing the "essence of" the plant from which they are derived, having the plant’s pharmacological action and value. Essential oils can contain a surprisingly large amount of plant matter concentrated into a small amount of oil, so they are very powerful and a little can go a long way.Essential oil is characterized as 100% natural when it is produced without the slightest interference in its chemical composition.


Lime (from Arabic and French lim) is a hybrid citrus fruit. There are more than ten different species of citrus trees whose fruits are called limes. As compared to lemons, limes are usually smaller and less acidic, but different varieties may differentiate in terms of their sweetness and acidity. As the fragrance lingers in the air, once you overcome the initial acidity, you can recognize herbal aromas and at the end a distinctive sweetness.


If only you were a lemon tree in fields
I would be snow in the mountains
melting, to water
your breezy branches.
Cretan couplet (mantinada)

admixtures 100% natural essential oil
ingredients olea europaea fruit oil, aqua, cocos nucifera oil, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sodium hydroxide, citrus aurantifolia oil, limonene
weight 125 gr / 4.4 oz.
dimensions 11L x 7.7W x 3.8H cm
CPNP ref. 2098711