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Blue – sailing in the Aegean
limited edition

Floating in the vast expanse of the azure sky, the taste of ocean water is akin to freedom and dreams. Moving up, down, sideways, forward, aft, following the tempo of the Aegean sea, and yet sailing conveys a feeling of confidence and peace. In this bustling world, all things will soon be part of the past. With unyielding determination and unwavering faith, difficulties will be overcome, achieving well-earned success and securing heart-felt happiness.

This distinct box created with blue alcantara fabric, is strictly handmade. Transformed into a structural bag with a simple yet creative technique, this luxurious gift set includes four soaps from extra virgin olive oil, scented with ocean and cedarwood fragrances, and basil and lime essential oils, along with our signature silver artistic flower.


products included 4 soaps from extra virgin olive oil: basil + ocean + lime + cedarwood
package material alcantara fabric
present handmade silver artistic flower
admixtures 2 essential oils (100% natural), 2 fragrances
weight 4 x 125 gr / 4.4 oz.
dimensions 23L x 22W x 9H cm