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Purple – drawing pansies
limited edition

At the serene corner of my mind, an enchanting garden perfumed with velvet pansies is hued with fluttering butterflies dancing in a romantic waltz, celebrating fervent love. Magnificent violet pansies, symbol of love and passion, are blossoming, while drawing them and waiting for you.. I’m missing you!

This highly-sophisticated velvet box, strictly made by hand, clearly reveals the skills and imagination of our expert craftsmen. Transformed into a structural bag with a simple yet creative technique, this luxurious gift set includes two magnolia and two vanilla scented soaps from extra virgin olive oil, along with our signature artistic flower in goldish color.


No roses but pansies I want you to bring me,
If at my home you appear blooming again,
Little flowers of love, gifts of the unhappy nature,
Like the pansy of my heart that is purple...
Mil. Malakasis, lyric poet

products included 4 soaps from extra virgin olive oil: 2 magnolias + 2 vanillas
package material velvet fabric
present handmade goldish artistic flower
admixtures fragrances
weight 4 x 125 gr / 4.4 oz.
dimensions 23L x 22W x 9H cm